Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dota 2 T Shirts Design

Dota 2 T Shirts Design. T Shirts Design by Bogis. You will be more stylish by wearing this shirt. Dota 2 logo in red. I am still looking for what the meaning of the logo.

I am very happy to play dota. This game really requires skill and intelligence, strategy and teamwork. I plan to make t shirts, and wanted me to wear this with my friends. Apparently it will feel crowded when playing dota 2 while wearing this t shirt design.
I am more comfortable wearing a black shirt. Therefore, I make a design with these colors.

Dota 2 Gamers Jacket 

DotA 2 Gamer's Jacket
DotA 2 players will love this jacket!! Made with high quality material and keeps you warm and allows you to enjoy your DotA game comfortabily.

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Anonymous said...

yeah nice T-Shirt :).if you are going to print some, so let me know because i am a great fan of DotA (playing it since 2003-2004).

This tshirt looks pretty much. One Request:
Are you able to upload the logo that i might can print it by myself? would be nice.

Question: somebody on this website said, you have to read 8 pages of a comic to proceed the access to the beta of DotA 2, is that correct or just TROLOLO?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to buy one, do you have a site or something ? That would be great :)

Anonymous said...

The logo is the river inbetween the two ancients.

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